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 The Dominion Movement categorically and without reservation condemns the events in Christchurch. Our movement nor any of its members have ever had any communication or association with the perpetrator.

From day one, our movement has been committed to non-violent solutions to the problems affecting our nation. Our approach has always been to improve ourselves and build a community based upon positive, healthy attitudes and lifestyles. Terrorism is absolutely antithetical to our worldview and our cause.

In light of the atmosphere which is emerging in the wake of these events, it will be impossible for the Dominion Movement to continue our work. We will be ceasing all operations immediately. This site will stay online for a few days before shutting down permanently.”


That is their choice. However, I ask Western patriots to observe current events across the planet and look back at 1,400 years of Islamic invasion and conquest. When has rolling over and presenting your throat to barbarians ever saved your way of life? Islam only respects raw brutal power. Failure to respond in kind but with even greater force against the Moslems INVADING US!!! can only result in the destruction of the West and our beloved Western ways of life.

Brenton Tarrant was forced by Western traitors to use the only method available to him to strike back at invading hostile filth that have proven over and over and then yet again that conquest and submission to Islam is the infidel’s deserved fate.

Tarrant is a hero. A Western warrior. The bureaucrats and police and guards and all involved with jailing and prosecuting him should stand with weapons at the ready to stop any traitor that tries to prevent him from walking free.

Islam has again declared war against the West. The foul evil traitor filth in our midst our assisting the invasion and inevitable destruction of Western countries. Consider the possibility of having Mohamed’s filth taking your women and girls as sex slaves and you forced to serve that filth. Maybe converting to Islam will allow you to avoid abject slavery but Western infidels will still be the conquered ones and the barbarians have their “holy” laws allowing them to use you.

Ponder the future, patriots. The traitors among us have immense wealth thus power and their propaganda systems are the most effective ever created. Look around at all Western countries. The indoctrination to allow barbarian invasion rates from extremely successful to partially successful. Some countries have stronger braver Western warriors backed by their government (Hungary is one that comes to mind) while others will likely become caliphates and bowing down to their Moslem overlords in the near future.

Prepare for total war, Western warriors. We can not lose this war.


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