They got what they wanted…. (NZ Terror Attack) – YouTube


Brenton Tarrant is a Western warrior patriot fighting the invading Moslem filth that have conquered countries for 1,400 years using various tactics. Traitors in our midst either ignore the invading barbarians or encourage them. Only a few countries are standing against the invading filth. Hooray to Hungary and others resisting the encroaching evil.

The traitor filth female prime minister of New Zealand bowed down to her Moslem master while wearing a hijab and crying over the dead. Send that traitor to Islam land where she can be a slave for the filth the fiend admires.

A million more Christchurch events are needed!!!! Western civilization, as perverted and sick as it is due to tyrannical elites controlling the systems of command and control, is still far superior to the cesspools the Moslem scum create. Defeat the invading hordes then turn the lances against the tyrants and traitors in our midst. Save Western civilization then start the required repairs to make our homelands worth of the warriors that defend it. And release hero Tarrant from the evil legal system holding him. He deserves medals and parades for fighting back against invading evil in the only manner the traitors allowed him to fight.


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