There is no White Genocide – YouTube


“There is no White Genocide” Your title is misleading. You are arguing that there IS White genocide. There is ample evidence that White genocide and a war against Western civilization is ongoing and the wealthy powerful tyrants and their well-paid and/or brainwashed lap-dog lackeys are assisting those tyrannical elites with doing the deadly deeds that are destroying the West.

Hordes of invading barbarians. Operating governments in ways to discourage child bearing. Using media and entertainment industries to dispense propaganda to indoctrinate Western people to hate themselves and their cultures and societies and even their Whiteness and to accept the invading barbarians that will eventually overwhelm the West and then be used as an enforcement arm by the tyrannical elites to enslave the subjugated Western people..

Arise, people of the West. Spread the word to military and law enforcement personnel. Their loyalties are to their fellow Westerners, not the lackey politicians and bureaucrats who are serving their evil masters. Rise up and send those evil tyrants and lackeys to the labor camps where they belong, never to pose a threat to the West again. Round up the invaders and drive them back to the cesspools they slithered from. Secure the borders to prevent filth from slithering in again. Then work on making our beloved Western countries the best that they can be for all the people, not just the tyrannical few who amassed so much wealth and power that they believed they could conquer the West and turn it into their personal fiefdom and the masses mere serfs and slaves to serve their sick perverted desires.


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