The MONSTER that is Destroying us… – YouTube



The taxes collected by property tax can be found using other methods. Taxing property DOES create a meek populace bowing down to government overlords. We, the People of the USA do have the power to end this madness. Sadly, we have been conditioned, indoctrinated, to accept an inferior societal position and thus serve our overlords.

With corporate USA growing evermore wealthy thus powerful and with the indoctrination power of the elite-owned corporate propaganda purveyors in the media, entertainment industries and even with the advertising industry (consider the perversions seen in advertising now) combined with the horrors od brainwashing youth in the educational systems We, the People may be doomed. Liberty is becoming an illusion. A dream. A fictional story of a past that never was truly free. Our USA enslavement has always been present only varying in degrees of servitude.

Extremely complicated topics, folks. With the ongoing unholy alliances between corporate USA and big government combined with the New World Order One-world government open-border-loving Marxist anti-Western civilization anti-USA anti-nationalism tyrannical elites and their hordes of lackey lap-dog politicians and bureaucrats and well-indoctrinated bleating sheep idiot citizens I fear that the future may be a putrid horror of a corporate feudalism.

The masses of common folks as mere serfs and slaves to a tyrannical elite class using government power and the hordes of barbarians they allow to legally and illegally invade the USA and other Western countries as their enforcers. Do you think a Moslem barbarian would have ANY remorse over murdering an infidel disobeying the overlords? The ongoing diversity and multiculturalism scam has worked to divide the USA population onto many quarreling groups at odds with each other thus unable to unite to fight the tyranny enveloping us. Divide and conquer is an ancient war-fighting tactic that is working against We, the People who are no longer united.

The only way to prevent the tyrants from defeating the dwindling number pf patriot freedom fighters not brainwashed by the tyrants and their propaganda systems and their armies of lackeys that I can conceive of is a successful military coup. Defeat tyranny, alter the systems the tyrants and their lackeys altered to allow tyranny to rise then oust the invaders and seal the borders and get to work repairing the harm those HUGE corporate all-powerful entities committed against our government and the many systems of command and control that operate the USA. When the job is done patriot officers return control to the civilians. They will do this. The military is We, the People and we have the weaponry.

I encounter much opposition to what I declare is the only method of saving freedom in the USA. Fine. Stay on the current path and experience where it leads the USA. Perhaps you and your descendants deserve servitude to tyrant overlords and their barbarian enforcers.

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