Veteran journalist Lara Logan tells Levin why people stopped trusting the media


“I know I’m not the only journalist who’s watching in horror as opinion and pejorative language is passed off as fact.”

Western patriots, we are fighting barbarian invasion and also battling the filthy traitor scum among us allowing and even assisting the invasion of foreign hordes.

We are forced to try and counter the immense propaganda power of media, entertainment and broadcasting industries and the unholy alliance between traitors in government and their monolithic corporation masters.

Western civilization is in peril. Prepare for total war. We must do all we can to remind all law enforcement and military personnel that they are our brothers and sisters. Do not obey the orders of traitors and tyrannical elites whose desire is to destroy our beloved Western ways of life and assume dictatorial control using those invading barbarians as their enforcement arm to force us into being serfs and slaves in service to a modern feudal system where corporations and government are the new royalty.

Veteran journalist Lara Logan tells Levin why people stopped trusting the media – Conservative Review








Members of LEGIDA, the Leipzig arm of the anti-Islam movement PEGIDA, hold a poster during a rally in Leipzig










































IDOMENI, GREECE - FEBRUARY 29: Refugees break the fence on the Greek-Macedonia border on February 29, 2016 in Idomeni, Greece. A group of refugees forced the gate in an attempt to enter Macedonia. 7 refugees were injured during the riot. Tear gas and sound grenades were fired to clear the railway. The transit camp has become overcrowded as refugees continue to arrive from Athens and the Greek Islands. Macedonia opened its border with Greece allowing 580 refugees a day to cross into the country. According to local authorities 7000 refugees and migrants, mostly from Syria, remain stuck at the border as they wait to enter Macedonia to journey to Western Europe. (Photo by Pierre Crom/Getty Images)




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  1. Reblogged this on USA & Western civilization under attack and commented:

    Invading barbarian hordes and traitors in our midst pose a severe threat to all Western countries and to Western civilization. Prepare for total war, patriots. No slavery or servitude for Western warriors. Better to destroy all that oppose us than to spend one-hour as a slave kneeling in submission.


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