Germany: 95% of Refugee Invaders Remain on Welfare



Use masses of barbarians to divide-and-conquer the people of Western countries.

“The widely-propagated liberal delusion that the fake refugee invasion of Europe would “boost the workforce and save the pensions” has been again rudely shattered with new official figures which show over 95 percent of the nonwhite invaders granted “asylum” since 2015 are still on welfare—and that the state’s much-vaunted “refugee reserve” fund of €32.5 billion will be “wiped out” within the next two years. According to the January 2019 edition of the German Federal Ministry for Labor and Social Affairs’ “Migration Monitor: Persons in the Context of Refugee Migration,” the total number of “job-seekers” who are recognized asylum seekers in Germany as of that month stood at 454,527. However, in a deceptive bureaucratic doublespeak—so typical of the liberal establishment—the official report then goes on to admit that there are a further 374,619 “underemployed” asylum seekers, and at least 38,299 undergoing state-sponsored “training” (and thus not included in the “unemployed” figures).”

Germany: 95% of Refugee Invaders Remain on Welfare |

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