Survivor of Muslim groomer raped daily after flying to Pakistan after promises of a lavish life


“An Australian woman who was lured to Pakistan by the false promise of a lavish life with the man of her dreams was instead locked up, beaten and used as a sex slave for months.Lara Hall, 30, became the victim of a predatory online groomer who raped her repeatedly over several months and kept her locked up in squalor.”

Survivor of Muslim groomer raped daily after flying to Pakistan after promises of a lavish life | Daily Mail Online







Will these brainwashed gals become enamored with a, to them, handsome Moslem slithering into any Western country and say the things that excite them? Maybe they will succumb to what they perceive is a strong, virile man who arouses their basic instincts that desire security and protection. So, off they go. Indoctrinated to be accepting of diversity and multiculturalism due to the massive amounts of propaganda and indoctrination that cultural-Marxist New World Order open-border-loving tyrannical elite-class traitor filth using the monolithic corporations they control. Soros is the first name that comes to mind when I think of traitor filth enemies of Western cultures, societies, countries and all of Western civilization in its entirety. There are many others. They are revealed via news stories and at the multitude of Web sites warning the people of the West of the dangers facing us that are growing more dangerous as we continue to allow the traitors and their lackey filth scum (Merkel, Macron, Trudeau and many others) to perform all the deeds that if successful will end in a New Dark Age for the common folks. We will be serfs and servants to those elite overlords who will use their corporations, the governments they control and their huge army of imported barbarians to enslave We, the People of the USA and every country the traitors and their armies conquer. I know that here in the USA the traitors and lackeys will face an army of citizens ready to kill and die before becoming a slave. What will the future hold for you and me?




















She will make a good slave for her Moslem master. She will convert and adopt the customs of her master. She will. If needed, a few beatings and various punishments will set her straight. It’s a new world, cupcake. Real men, barbarian men, the type that conquer continents now own you. Submit or die.











Western society and culture attempts to “feminize” males has assisted the tyrannical elites with forcing diversity and multiculturalism upon the West. Dilute Western culture. Require acceptance of foreign people and customs. Indoctrinate Westerners to accept a sense of guilt for being Western, for being White, for having a successful Western way of life that tyrants want to lord over and that barbarians from across the world see as easy prey for their lusts and evil desires and even being welcomed by powerful forces within Western countries and even among the indoctrinated commoners who will suffer at the hands of that evil invading horde!!!





Would a suitable punishment for Soros, Merkel, Trudeau, Macron and the too-many other lackey traitors spitting upon Western people be enduring the horrors that the invaders they allow and even encourage to invade Western countries commit against the common folks? Our current corrupted legal systems would not allow that. Is it time for a change? Would successful military coups allow military tribunals to round-up the traitor filth and, if found guilty, ensure they stop their ongoing attempts to destroy the West and pay a well-earned price for causing a multitude of horrors against Western people? Western people tend to be a decent folks but we have been pushed too far.

Punish traitor filth… the truly guilty… with HARD LABOR under military control and seize their assets to compensate their victims of their criminal activities against all aspects of Western civilization. The elites and their lackeys are good at hiding their wealth. They created the many systems we exist within, the economic, political, educational and other systems. Of course those systems are designed to benefit the folks at the top of the economic hierarchy. Unlike us commoners… the 97% or so of the populace… those “special people” have many methods of hiding their wealth. The military tribunals will have the power to root out that hidden wealth. Those assisting with the hiding will be given fair warning. Expose the traitor’s wealth or, if found guilty of assisting with hiding the wealth to be seized, be sentenced to hard-labor alongside their elite-class master. There is MUCH MORE involved with the methods elites have used to spit upon the masses and allow the traitor filth to have gone this far with the destruction of our beloved Western civilization. Wander the Web and prepare for your anger to mount as you learn of the evil forces that are RIGHT NOW hard at work with their efforts to enslave all of us.

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