“A senior French politician has called on police to use shoot-to-kill tactics against France’s Yellow Vest protesters. Former French Education Minister Luc Ferry has demanded that police officers should start firing their weapons at demonstrators, claiming that killing them would “put an end the violence.””


Obey your tyrannical overlord masters or fight for freedom? The common folks of every Western country must exert great effort to counter the elite’s propaganda/indoctrination that convinces many citizen/common folks that the existing power structure by its very existence is correct and proper and not only obeyed but worthy of protecting. Even if fellow common folks are murdered or law enforcement or military personnel are killed, the elites and their traitor lackeys demand that those deaths occur so that their scam against the people of Western civilization can continue.

Organize, patriots. Select quality leadership to guide you. Use every peaceful method possible to counter the tyranny enveloping your country. Target the elites enforcement arms and make them realized they have been indoctrinated by the most efficient propaganda systems ever created. Get your fellow common folks on the side of freedom and righteousness. If the evil enveloping Western civilization continues with its efforts to create a New World Order Globalist tyrant-controlled fiefdom the masses will be mere serfs, servants and slaves of those tyrants and the monolithic corporations they control. I fear that the hordes of foreign barbarians being forced upon us will be the new enforcement arm of those evil tyrants.

FIGHT BACK but do so with logic and rationality and save physical confrontation as a last resort. Victory must be ours or a New Dark Age descends upon our beloved Western civilization.


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