“The sentiment of the national appeal runs: ‘Protests are what defines us as British. The Yellow Vest is now a global symbol of the silent majority of decent hard-working people across the world. We are the silent majority who have had enough.”


PLEASE HELP Lacking sponsors, barred from advertising and denied ‘the oxygen of publicity’ by media we survive on a famine diet of donations and book sale royalties. AIMS: Defence of equality and rights for ethnic-Europeans, to end anti-white racism, hate, and discrimination. Please donate and share our stories. 


The British Yellow Vest movement appears to be continuing to grow and especially in light of the events taking place in the UK Parliament. From what we understand there are anti-Westminster protests set to take place in Hull & Manchester with the biggest in London with a Facebook Group created here.


There are many other’s planned in spontaneous Facebook and Twitter groups with what seems like more and more everyday people now coming out in support of them.

Meanwhile, Grassroots organisation UK Unity is organising a Twitter Storm and also on Facebook and Instagram by trying to get the hashtag #YellowVestsUK trending! You…

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