Collapse of Freedom in Britain: The Sharia-Left Deports People with Right-Wing Views – Mark Collett – YouTube

The chap on the left protects the citizens. The thug on the right controls the bearers of Western civilization so that they do not revolt against the barbarians flooding in and destroying their country and to also protect the traitor politicians and others assisting the invading barbarian horde.


Patriots, interact with military and law enforcement personnel and counter the propaganda/indoctrination the ruling elites and their lackeys bombard those folks with. Reinforce their knowledge that the masses of common folks, the bearers of our beautiful beloved Western civilization are brothers and sisters who are under attack by New World Order Globalist Marxist power-and-wealth-hungry tyrants using their lackeys and hordes of foreign barbarians as weapons in their war against us. When we rise up to destroy evil and expel those barbarians we must have the military and law enforcement at our sides. Prepare now for the inevitable battles that will decide if Western civilization survives.


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