Will our Beloved West be Destroyed?


Canada’s traitor leadership is working intently upon destroying that country. The USA sadly has its vile traitors backed by Globalist New World Order open-border-loving tyrannical elites with immense amounts of wealth and control of extremely powerful monolithic corporations used to spit upon the masses of citizens.

With those thoughts in mind I present a comment I left at a Europe-based blog:

Over the decades my inquisitiveness led to my reading a multitude of non-fiction works covering many topics. WW 2 and Vietnam received a lot of attention. The stark realities of Barbarossa are typically glossed over by the majority of books. However, here and there snippets of reality work their way through the muck and mire.

Hypothetically, obviously, if the Third Reich had embraced the Jews with their capable minds regarding nuclear physics and other areas and their proven willingness, as seen during WW 1, to fight in Germany’s military AND entered the USSR and embraced the populace of the conquered lands and used them after some brief training to enter the fray Hitler’s Germany MAY have conquered Europe and won by default even though the USA remained untouched. Once entrenched and no Britain as a thorn in the side the Germans and allies could have made the Third Reich an unconquerable fortress.

If German science created an A-bomb then absolute victory would have been ensured even in the long run. Would there have been a Cold War between the Axis and the Allies as there was with the USSR? Again, mere conjecture but things turned out as they did and now the morally weakened West with traitors within and their lackey lap-dog lackey politicians are ensuring that third-world barbarians and Islamic warriors are given a free pass to invade and conquer the West.

Where are the West’s warrior heroes to rise up and lead us onward to curb those filthy vile traitors and corral their disgusting lackey politicians and other traitors to the West and then commence cleansing our beloved homelands of the putrid piles of sub-humans raping and pillaging and that will eventually destroy Western Civilization?


BB 4They died for diversity

Diversity and multiculturalism is a weapon used by tyrannical elites and their lackeys to divide and conquer Western people, cultures, societies and countries.






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