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National Front

Looking around the Web I see a LOT of Web sites either accepting or actively supporting the invasion of Western countries by hordes of non-Western people intent upon using and abusing the people of the West. Many of those invaders are carriers of a disease known as Islam. A look at the past shows what happens when Moslems invade and settle a non-Islamic country. Westerners who know of past people’s fates are doing all we can to stop the ongoing Western invasion and curb the efforts of the traitors among us who either allow or assist the invading hordes.

There are many aspects of the threats to the West. Far too many to mention in this post. Adding to the complexity are the many groups formed to fight the invaders and traitors and try to repair our Western systems that have allowed this invasion to continue as long as it has. Looking at the National Front Web site I saw this:


The National Front believes that the world contains a rich diversity of races and consequent cultures. We believe in the preservation of these races. As each race has evolved it has developed its own social structures, its own customs and its own culture. These are different for each race and have been built up to suit the character of each separate race.

In the case of Britain the National Front upholds the wish of the majority of British people for Britain to remain a white country, with customs and a culture which have been developed to suit our character. Consequently the National Front would halt all non-white immigration into Britain and introduce a policy of phased and humane repatriation.

The National Front believes that this is the only way to halt the steadily rising racial tension and violence that is becoming part of everyday life in modern Britain.

In regards to white immigration, this would only be allowed where there are particular reasons such as the possession of particular skills or in the case of political refugees. Until the problem of unemployment is solved, the National Front would seek to keep such immigration to a minimum.

I do not have time to thoroughly inspect each group, organization, political party or individuals. There are too many and I am but one person… an American self-proclaimed patriot intent upon saving Western civilization. If the time comes, the proper time as indicated by current events and the presence of patriot leaders worthy of following (in the USA a cohort of New Founders of the quality of the originals) I would arm myself and join the ranks of warriors prepared to corral the fiendish traitors spitting upon all of us– all of Western civilization and repel the invaders and do what is required to save our beloved Western ways of life.

The Globalist Marxist One-World-Government open-borders scum have immensely wealthy backers and control of much of the various industries such as media/broadcasting/print, entertainment and other industries that spew enormous amounts of propaganda/indoctrination and too much influence upon governments everywhere and at all levels of governance; from local to regional to national. The tyrannical elite’s influence even extends to indoctrinating youth from the earliest ages of schooling up to colleges and universities.

Part of the Vietnam Conflict included a battle for “hearts and minds.” Currently Western patriots are doing what we can to counter the highly effective indoctrination of the tyrannical filth and their many lackeys performing the day-to-to day task of indoctrinating Western people. The enemy within has vast resources that are highly effective, especially compared to our patriotic efforts that can not rely upon TV and radio and movies and classroom schooling and traitor politicians and bureaucrats to convince Western people that being invaded by barbarians and having our Western ways of life destroyed must be accepted and defying this is evil, racist, xenophobic, etc.

Patriots of the West. UNITE!!! Create or join groups working to save the West!!! We must do all we can to save what is rightfully ours and defy invading barbarians and the traitors in our own countries. Use every peaceful method possible to SAVE THE WEST!!!

It is only after ALL peaceful efforts have failed do we resort to force to Save the West.

Strive to convince military and law enforcement personnel that our Save the West efforts are on the side of right. The indoctrination by the evil enemy IS well-entrenched within some folks. Do what you can to enlighten the Western people accepting invasion, the raping of our women, the murder of our citizens, the bombing of our buildings and all the other evils the barbarians commit against all Western countries that these occurrences are wrong, must be stopped and must not be tolerated!!!

People of Europe. I am excited and HAPPY to see on the Web a growing awareness of evil turned loose upon us and patriots taking action against the evil confronting us. Some European countries are supporting patriot citizens while some countries, such as Sweden, appear to be dangling on the edge of becoming Islamic caliphates. I applaud patriots everywhere. Keep up the work that is required to save our beloved Western heritage and ways of life.

Spread the word, patriots!!!





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  1. Reblogged this on USA & Western civilization under attack and commented:

    The fight to save Western civilization is underway across the planet. Europe is a hotbed due to so many traitors within government and the many brainwashed citizens accepting the horrors enveloping them. Proximity to barbarian warriors from Islamic lands and sub-Saharan Africa adds to severe danger our European brothers and sisters are facing.


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