Is This the Beginning of the End of Civilization?

USA & Western civilization under attack





What options are there for civilized folks living in first-world countries… allow hordes of barbaric people to enter the West and drive us down to their level of existence? Or do we force those often savage sub-humans unable to craft a culture and society that operates in a modern manner? To truly assist the masses of sub-Saharan Africa a forced birth control system to lower the population level to be more attuned to the biosphere/ecosphere of the region is a must. That pope dude and his Catholic cult would have a fit over that. Ignore that buffoon.

As the barbarians of the world continue out-babying all other humans their numbers will overfill their decaying homelands and the ongoing invasions will continue until the West is overwhelmed. Chins has leaders with backbone. Invaders will simply be killed. And the ensuing outcry from the weaker people/cultures/societies/countries will be rightfully ignored.

The West…

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