It’s Spreading Throughout Europe And Now The World! – YouTube

Just a few of the traitors shown


All Western people… reach out to your law enforcement and military personnel and remind them that we are all citizens and that tyranny and tyrants and their filthy vile lackey politicians and bureaucrats have declared war against ALL CITIZENS!!!!

The masses of common folks must unite to fight the tyrannical overlord traitors and their lackey scum. The barbarian filth imported to overwhelm the Western people must also be dealt with. Peaceful means are always best. ONLY use force when there is no other choice and use the minimum amount required.

The people of the Wrest have been spit upon for too long. Spread the word, patriots. Convince our law enforcement and military brethren that they are part of us, not the brutal tyrants lording over all of us using embedded system to pit citizen against citizen.



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