Chemnitz Fights Back Against Merkel & Migrant Policy | Grooming Gang In UK | Europe’s Identity War – YouTube


Westerners… when will the horrors end? Will they ever end? How long will traitors, tyrants and their lackeys shit upon you and me and our neighbors and the MASSES of common folks in Britain and other Western countries? Do we wait until the barbarian filth the evil overlords are forcing upon us are present in such huge numbers that our Western culture, society and entire country is closer in essence to a filthy shit-hole 3rd-world country?

People of the West. Consider the growing need for an extreme reaction against the tyrannical filth overlords shitting upon all of us and their willing lackeys who either fail to see that they are traitors to the west or do not care if they are filthy vile traitor scum sell the West out to invading barbarians.

Talk to law enforcement and military folks. Convince them to not fight or detain or impede the actions pf patriotic Western warriors confronting the evils that will destroy our beloved Western ways of life. Patriotic law enforcement folks and military personnel should join our fight when events lead to a general uprising and the masses march against tyrants and their lackeys and imprison those scum to await trial. The invaders will be assisted home. Details will be worked out after the much-needed victory over the evil forces that have gotten away with far too much for far too long.

Prepare yourselves patriots of western civilization.


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