What they won’t tell you about the UN Global Compact on Migration – YouTube


Soros and those of his ilk and the many brainwashed lackeys serving these scum who are spitting upon the people of the West.


Canada besieged by hordes of barbarian immigrants and more, many more to come. Traitor Trudeau is serving his tyrannical elite masters well. Brainwashed buffoons within Canada either back traitor Trudeau or do not appose that filth selling out Canada to evil forces who desire to destroy Canada as a Western country and convert it to a fiefdom torn apart by diversity and multiculturalism thus easily lorded over by the new royal class.

A New Dark Age awaits the West if this ongoing war is won by the tyrannical elites and the monolithic corporate entities they own and control and the too-many traitor politicians obeying those tyrannical elite vile vermin filth.


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