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Western warriors… It is great when I read news of progress within Europe. Jihad Watch is visited regularly and those fine folks help a USA Yank stay partially informed about the goings-on in the heart of modern Western civilization. With a team of one and limited time I am one of a huge number of common-folk patriots doing their part to counter the evil anti-Western traitors in our midst.

Monolithic corporations, tyrannical elites, lap-dog lackey puppet politicians such as that Merkel fiend and too many other politicians and pure evil (my opinion) Soros and other ultra-rich enemies of Western civilization are doing all they can to destroy our cultures, societies, countries and all of Western civilization. Other patriots do a much better job than I describing those fiends and how & why they are attack us. My efforts are part of a combined counter to the forces of evil.

I believe that some progress has been made in a few European countries but evil still runs rampant and traitors continue spitting upon us and the foreign barbarians are using Western people in any way they desire… even little girls and taking the lives of Westerners to advance their cult and gain acceptance into their Paradise wonderland. What ARE those cult members, those sons and daughters of Mohamed doing in Western countries? They have their own lands. In the past Western warriors battled those fiends to the death to drive them and their horrors out of Western lands.







The tyrannical evil elites and their foul fiend friends are using more than those deadly cult members to attack and destroy Western civilization. Any barbarian will do as a weapon in the minds of evil. The savages from primitive lands whose culture can only create 3rd-world cesspools are allowed to invade the West where they pillage and plunder and those who do not commit crimes are still a huge burden upon taxpayers. Those invaders also have extremely high birth rates… at taxpayer expense and will eventually batter down European natives by sheer numbers alone. Those invading fiends will be easy picking for the elite class that wants compliant servants and slaves to serve them. The few more intelligent barbarians will be trained and equipped as a fighting force to control the masses of commoners in the New Europe that will be closer to feudalism than the modern countries and societies being battered today.

Will we allow evil to defeat us? How can we fight back? I concentrate on the USA. It is my homeland. For several decades I have held an opinion that was never popular but, in the past 5 years or so, I detect a growing percentage of the populace that agrees with me to varying extents. If peaceful means using the embedded systems currently used to control and operate the USA does not save us from the onslaught of divisive country-destroying diversity and multiculturalism and the foreign invaders continue to flood across our borders and Mohamed’s  minions continue to increase in number, grow and thrive then, and only then, when all peaceful means have failed I refer to the Founder’s writings.

The Founders of the USA. People of European origin. Holders of Western culture (there are many Western sub-cultures. I write in generalities to keep things simple, folks). Wise men created the USA (yes, ladies… we know their wives and girl friends whispered in their ears offering advice and the feminine viewpoint and that your gender assisted with the USA creation)  and from its beginning people from across the world tried to enter the country. Sadly, political correctness promulgated by tyrannical elites and their lackeys/minions have allowed sub-standard immigrants who desire to take and never give or have the desire to destroy what they have invaded and create a new caliphate in the name of Allah.

Tyranny has risen and the Founders wrote what to do when that happens. If voting fails to alter ongoing horrors


voting insanity


what can a people do to cast off the evil dominating them?



Revolt. Revolution. We, the People unable to cast out tyrants and their lackeys using the current embedded system. A system controlled by immense wealth found with some tyrants, the organizations and associations they create to further their evil aims and monolithic corporations of immense wealth thus power who exert immense influence upon all aspects of the USA including all levels of government. Especially fearful is the propaganda spewing power of the media and entertainment industries.



The complexity of life eases the task of tyrants with their achieving their evil desires. The masses of common folks are mere pawns, cogs in the machine of daily life. In the USA we are indoctrinated from birth… as are all people everywhere but we live within the most effective propaganda system ever created. We are taught to accept what our overlords do and be complacent. Sure, we get angry and “vote the bums out” but what if there are only new bums to vote for? Even if aa patriot is elected after entering political office the embedded systems are so firmly cemented in place that no meaningful change can occur.

Barbarian invaders still flock in. Taxpayers pay for Moslems to enter the USA and as seen with the Somalis those barbarians’ actions give proof they deserve that label.



That “III” in the graphic above represents a concept commonly referred to as “the Three-Percent.”  A somewhat biased (typical Wikipedia left-wing content) description is HERE.



Rage is building. I see it in Europe, also. I have spoken to various military veteran groups over the years. Around 25-years ago I was met with stony silence with nary a smile or gesture of agreement with any of my views. The years flew by and I continued my narrative at new and old places. I saw more nods of agreement and after my talk folks would gather around giving their views and sharing general agreement with me and, making me very happy, were the agreement with all my major declarations regarding what I will shortly proclaim here.




Great effort by the USA elite-owned media to indoctrinate the masses with giving up the citizen’s right to possess fire arms.




We, the People have some control but the amount is decreasing.

















Better to die fighting tyranny than live as a slave.

Folks…. has this been the longest lead-up in blogging history? First… the new link added to the “Gathering Forces” link page. There (and here) is the link to the Clarion Project whose “About” page says:

Clarion Project is a non-profit organization that educates the public about the dangers of radical Islam.

Clarion’s award-winning films, seen by more than 125-million people, expose how radical Islamists use terrorism, murder, subjugation of women, indoctrination of children, religious persecution, genocide of minorities, widespread human rights abuses, nuclear proliferation and cultural jihad — to threaten the West.

The web site delivers news, expert analysis, videos, and unique perspectives about radical Islam, while giving a platform to moderate Muslims and human rights activists to speak out against extremism.

Clarion Project engages in grassroots activism to achieve its goals.

Clarion Project is a registered 501(c)(3) organization based in Washington, D.C.

“Radical Islam” I do not have to avoid offending folks as those more in the public eye have to do so as to not hurt their efforts at fighting evil. Here is my opinion:



Islam is far more than a religion. It is also a way of life, a set of customs and if not constrained by outside forces an economic AND governmental system. Islam is not compatible with the Western way of life. It is our right and DUTY to preserve our Western way of life. If it requires a total ban on Islam so be it. If extreme measures are needed to control those within that cult while they live in Western civilization, so be it. I leave it up to better minds than mine as to what is required to preserve our beloved Western civilization, cultures, societies and countries.

Now… the second part of the possibly longest build-up in blogging history.

Drum rim shot


In the USA, if every attempt at using the embedded systems fails to alter events leading to the subjugation of We, the People by tyrannical elites then the Founder’s advice will need to be followed. The one method of revolt I believe will be most apt to succeed and possibly with no bloodshed would be a military coup by patriotic military officers using the might of the armed forces. When the cause is just and intended to save the USA as created by the Founders I believe the entirety of law enforcement, military veterans and citizens of all types will back the patriots. After tyranny is defeated those patriots will revert governance back to civilian control. They have to. The vast majority of those following them will require them to give up power. Failure to do so would only result in another show of force for We, the People are the power in the USA!!!

Okay… yet another extremely complex topic that will be covered later at other blogs I operate. Keep up the good fight, people of Europe. Our Western civilization is worthy of defending!!!







































































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