Patriots of Europe. I read of horrors occurring in your part of the world that creates both anger and sadness within me. The traitors infesting all Western countries are busy spitting upon us while attempting to destroy Western cultures, societies and countries. Most of the information about non-USA Western countries imperiled by foreign barbarians and traitors within comes from the Web site:

Jihad Watch

I have stopped updating this site with current news due to limited time. There are many other patriots striving to enlighten Western folks of the severe dangers facing us. This site remains as an assist to those fine sites that are current and provide news, current events and commentary. I will add new links to helpful sites as they are found.

The masthead portion of this and all pages have on-this-site links to pages holding the links. This entry is done as a reminder to all to wander this site and explore the links to find the sites most useful to you.

Hopefully our efforts will end the perils facing us. We must preserve our Western ways of life. The barbarians and the traitor filth must not be allowed to become our masters. Better to die in battle than live life as a slave!!!







































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