Hello Western patriots.

I live in the USA. We are under attack by barbarians and extremely wealthy and powerful traitors within who hire and brainwash armies of lackeys who do their dirty work. Toss in the hordes of barbarians the traitors bring into the USA legally and illegally and the peril to Western civilization in the USA is huge.

Europe appears to be in even more dire straits and I and many other Americans support you in spirit and we hope our government also supports saving Western civilization.

I have limited time to devote to countering the tyrannical elite’s massive propaganda dispensing devices. I need to concentrate on USA affairs so I will mostly stop adding news story content to this blog. When I come across a useful site I will add a link to this blog. I will slowly organize the links to hopefully make the site set-up here as useful as possible. The links will be on pages that are accessed at the header at the top of the main page.

There are many excellent Web sites that are battling against the tyrannical propaganda of the Globalist New World Order Cultural-Marxist open-border tyrants and their vile lap-dog lackeys who serve their tyrant masters. Visit those sites to stay up-to-date about the ongoing invasion of the West and evil deeds performed by the traitors among us who intentionally or unintentionally assist with the destruction of our beloved Western ways of life.

Again…  future updates will be additions to the link sections of this site.

Thank you to all Western patriots doing what they can to save our wonderful Western ways of life.

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