Swedish SJW Facing Jail After Blocking Criminal Afghan’s Deportation

“As previously reported by Breitbart London, it emerged that a Somali man, whose deportation from Britain was stopped by around a dozen Social Justice Warrior passengers on a commercial flight to Turkey in a similar protest was a gang rapist who committed the crime alongside an individual who went on to become an ISIS jihadi in Syria.”

Hand those demented dames over to the Moslem barbarians to do with as they will. Maybe those crazed females would do better living in an Islam-dominant country where they can serve their male masters with no outside interference by Western customs and institutions.

Swedish SJW Facing Jail After Blocking Criminal Afghan’s Deportation









As is Sweden, France, Italy, Belgium and every Western country where the barbarians are swarming and defiling Westerners.







The silly little Western girl will surely find true happiness after submitting to a male master and adopting the trappings of the invading horde.













Yeah, right. Who are these brainwashed broads? If any Westerner was to embrace Islam it should be the males. Moslem males will not and do not put up with crap from females as Western males are forced to do by our culture and laws.




Indoctrinated by propaganda systems controlled by traitors to the West.




If those “refugees are so wonderful then WHY do the many Islamic countries and cultures far closer to the refugees’ homelands not accepting them? If there is real peril then where is the Moslem welcome mat for a fellow follower of Mohamed? Why are the “refugees” traveling vast distances to enter a foreign land where Western Judaeo-Christian cultures and ways of life are the norm? There is something very wrong with this scenario and the buffoons swallowing the propaganda spewed by Western traitor elites who own the propaganda systems deserve whatever fate befalls them from rampaging Moslem or other barbarians.
























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