Catholic archbishop accuses Brussels of treating Muslim migrants like “slaves” in “concentration camps”

Traitor to the West

Catholic archbishop accuses Brussels of treating Muslim migrants like “slaves” in “concentration camps”






Will that high-ranking member of the Roman Catholic cult convert to the Islamic cult? Maybe the traitor expects the Moslem overlords to use him to assist with controlling the infidel slaves who will be serving their Moslem overlords. I do not know. Does the traitor know? What motivates that enemy of the Western people? He is higher up the socioeconomic hierarchy so maybe he expects to remain lofty when the evil Islam hierarchy takes control.






The Islamic socioeconomic hierarchy will be similar but the theocracy will be much more powerful than what is seen with Western hierarchy. The culture is also far different. For the males that want to dominate females and own sex slaves Islam is the lifestyle of choice. Thieves and scalawags and miscreants of various types will not do so well. Lopped-off hands and with efficient beheadings and hangings the criminal element will have to be increasingly crafty to ply their trade.

Well… if Islam does achieve its goal of Western domination there will, at least, be a few positives. However… the negatives, in my opinion, far outweigh the positives.  The Western traitors may perceive the benefits of Islamic overlordship as outweighing the negatives.



I wonder how the traitor priest would fare if this patriot-to-the-West was pope?

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