Reading Rape Jihad: Pervert Targeted 5 Different Women In 45 Minutes | Kafir Crusaders


“NOTE: ‘ASIAN’ = MUSLIM 99% OF THE TIME The politically correct term ‘Asian’ is used by the leftist UK media as a way to cast suspicion on a wider group of people and take some of the negative attention away from the group usually responsible for committing the heinous acts. A perfect example would be the Muslim grooming gang epidemic which are constantly referred to by the press and authorities as ‘Asian’ grooming gangs. It isn’t people from China, Japan or any Far Eastern Asian place. Nor is it Sikhs, Hindus, Buddhists,Christians Etc….They are Muslims!!!! Please keep this in mind when seeing the term ‘Asian’ on any post”

In the USA the elite-owned media, many of whom want the West enslaved by tyrannical elite forces, are using barbarians of all types to assist with dividing and conquering the people and cultures that created Western countries.

In the USA our traitors and their lackey assistants are allowing millions of 2nd- 3rd-world barbarians to invade the USA across our lengthy southern border. The lap-dog lackey politicians use taxpayer wealth to import barbarians from Africa and the mid-east, many of them Moslem filth, to further divide and conquer We, the People.

People of the West… tyranny is rising and barbarians are multiplying within our lands. I fear that total war against the tyrants, their many lackeys and their barbarian tools may be the only way to prevent a New Dark Age from enveloping us. We will use every peaceful method possible to preserve our beloved Western ways of life but if war is the only option let’s be prepared and make it decisive to the point that no tyrants or barbarians will ever consider exposing themselves to our fearsome wrath.

Reading Rape Jihad: Pervert Targeted 5 Different Women In 45 Minutes | Kafir Crusaders

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