Geert Wilders’ Muhammad cartoon contest sparks Pakistani-Dutch diplomatic rift


“A diplomatic rift opened between Pakistan and The Netherlands after populist right-wing Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders’ announced in June a Prophet Muhammad cartoon competition with a $10,000 prize.”

““The only way to stop the release of blasphemous cartoons is through jihad,” Mr. Rizvi said at a rally at Data Darbar, a Sufi Muslim shrine in Lahore. “Pakistan should end diplomatic ties with Netherlands. We demand the government to launch Ghauri missile on Holland.”

His followers agreed. “Dutch are kafirs” — nonbelievers, said Muhammad Tayab, a public school teacher in Lahore. “They dared to humiliate our prophet. They should all be killed for hurting our religious sentiments.””

You Western infidels better behave and submit to your Islamic overlords and their tyrannical elite-class Western brethren or a well-deserved death may be your fate. An option would be to oust the Western tyrants and prepare for whatever actions are needed to preserve our beloved Western cultures, societies and countries. Why is the West even allowing that Death Cult Islam to enter our homelands? We can not do to Islamic-dominant countries what they do to us!!!

Geert Wilders’ Muhammad cartoon contest sparks Pakistani-Dutch diplomatic rift – Washington Times

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