Netherlands: Young Muslim boys tell Dutchman, “If we dominate here, all of you will be beheaded”


Infidels… you WILL obey your masters. Disobey and die. You may die even if you obey. Infidels are nothing. You will also obey whatever government is installed. Whether it be based on Sharia law or infidel tyrannical elites who install royalty that all obey, including the Moslem barbarian filth. Soros and is vile spawn and other akin to him would love that. They use the Moslem barbarians as resident warlords to control the masses.

If Western warriors do not rise up to end this madness I fear for the future of Western countries. Especially some of the European countries. Here in the USA I hope our warrior spirit and possessing weaponry will allow us to defy our internal tyrants and traitors and drive out (or, at least, subdue and control the Moslem barbarians) and send the traitors to military-controlled labor camps to pay for their spitting upon Western peoples.

Confront the tyrants and elites and their lap-dog lackey politician filth and the common folks submitting to those barbarians and the crazed idiots who actually support the influx of barbarians from afar. Not all barbarians are Moslems. Hordes of ignorant sub-Saharan Africans seeking handouts and access to countries where pretty females can be raped and wealth stolen are flooding in and the tyrants, traitors and brainwashed buffoons try to make them comfortable!!!

Resist!!! Fight!!! Do not allow our beloved cultures and countries perish for eternity.


Netherlands: Young Muslim boys tell Dutchman, “If we dominate here, all of you will be beheaded”









































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