Battle of Portland: Antifa vs Proud Boys – YouTube



Patriots. You are fighting to save the USA and all of Western civilization. Antifa and other filth are mere puppet lackeys of their masters. Evil tyrants at the top of the socioeconomic hierarchy are using those easily-brainwashed sheep as tools. Also used are hordes of barbarians invading all Western countries. Traitors in our midst are assisting Globalism, the New World Order, open-border country-destroying schemes and other anti-freedom anti-USA anti-Western civilization schemes to place a new ruling elite class to lord over the masses.

There are many aspects of this ongoing culture war. From sanctuary cities to importing anti-West foreigners as refugees to live in Western countries at a huge cost to taxpayers our battles are at the highest levels of government down to the streets where the scum we see on YouTube and other places are trying to influence others to accept what would be a New Dark Age descending upon Western civilization.

We, the People need a new cohort of our best and brightest to guide our efforts. A cadre of New Founders to assemble the teams needed to protect and preserve the original Founders’ creation. Our battles occur in many locations. From Congress to small-town governments. The media in its several formats is crucial for winning hearts and minds to freedom’s cause and to counter the immense tidal wave of propaganda the tyrannical elite-owned media bombards all of us with.

The issues are extremely complex and require entire large Web sites and more to convey. Educate yourselves about the many issues involved and do what you can to assist our righteous cause the Founders would heartily agree must be performed to destroy the evil tyrannical forces facing the USA and all of Western civilization. Be strong, patriots. And be smarter and better organized than our vile foes. Victory will be ours if we obtain and follow competent New Founders leadership.

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