Queensland man jailed for planning ‘deadly’ terrorism attack


“Kruezi, from Logan, south of Brisbane, wanted to create “death or destruction” in Australia and was motivated by a religious duty.Kruezi’s bid to travel to Syria to fight with the al Qaida-affiliate Jabhat al-Nusra in March 2014 was stopped by customs officers. His passport was cancelled, forcing him to turn his attention to an attack on home soil.He bought 10 litres of petrol before attempting to buy glass bottles suitable to make molotov cocktails. Police raided his home in September 2014 and found weapons and extremist literature.”

Any Western country allowing Moslems to enter or live there are foolish and hates its own citizens. Keep the rabid dog OUT of Western countries. Any brainwashed buffoon who is a Western citizen must be closely monitored. Warn every Moslem in every Western country that any attack against our beloved Western people and anything within our Western domain will result in extreme penalties.

Queensland man jailed for planning ‘deadly’ terrorism attack | Australia news | The Guardian

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