Canadian member of Islamic State caught, but RCMP struggle to lay charges against ISIS fighters


“The Syrian Kurds who have pushed ISIS back and encircled its last stronghold said they lacked the capability to imprison, bring to justice and rehabilitate 2,000 foreign captives.“This is a big burden on our shoulders and this is a big number of ISIL fighters and they pose a serious threat here so we cannot keep them here,” said Omar, the official with the Democratic Self-Administration of North Syria. He added that should the conflict flare in the region, the ISIS members might escape.”

Huh? The Chinese know how to handle scum that would gladly kill you and your family… maybe killing your young pretty daughter only after savagely raping her a few hundred times. Maybe your youth will survive. They have value as slaves. You and your wife will likely just be shot or stabbed to death.

Weakness towards your enemy is a fatal flaw. One bullet, one brain and those barbarians will never harm another person again.

And that Trudeau filth spitting upon not only Canada but all Western countries. The second link below leads to the Jihad Watch report about one of many Western traitors who must be interned at HARD LABOR and ensure those filthy traitors can never harm Western people again.


Exclusive: Canadian member of Islamic State caught, but RCMP struggle to lay charges against ISIS fighters – National |


Canada: Islamic State jihadist caught, but police “struggle” to lay charges

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