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Patriots, use this site to assist your efforts at identifying the tyrannical forces of evil that lust for forcing all free people into peonage or even abject slavery. Globalists, New World Order freaks, open-border buffoons, Cultural Marxists and many other groups and associations and various assemblages of brainwashed lap-dog lackeys of those tyrannical elites have declared war against the free people of the world.

Western civilization has been specifically targeted by the demonic forces. Europe is in the throes of class warfare as the tyrants use their barbaric hordes from the south to invade Europe. The results have filled the news for years. Horrors abound. The elite-owned media, entertainment systems, other propaganda systems and control over too many politicians and others indoctrinate many to accept the horrors being inflicted upon them.

However… patriots are fighting back. Spread the word to all you know. I do my tiny par via the Web and talking with others in real life. If possible, donate time and/or money to a legitimate group that is fighting back against evil and trying to save our beloved Western civilization.

Even folks of limited means can assist the cause. A few bucks from the many millions of us can add up to assist with the fight against those evil bastards with many millions and billions of dollars that would delight at seeing us wearing slave chains. Even if those chains were mental and not physical those power-hungry destroyers of Western civilization would cackle with delight. As would the barbarian hordes tyrants are using to conquer the West.

Here in the USA Moslem barbarians are being used against the West but not nearly to the extent Europe is experiencing. Sub-Saharan Africans are used to divide and conquer Western people but, again, proximity has Europe the primary target… though the Somali Moslems are effective criminals and users of large amounts of taxpayer wealth and with their extremely high birth rates will increasingly cause strife among the common folks, though not among their isolated elite-class tyrannical masters.

South of the USA are hordes of folks belonging to cultures that can, at best, create 2nd-world cesspools where a tiny ruling elite lord over the masses. Exactly what the tyrants spitting upon We, the People are desiring and doing. Illegal aliens invade by the millions and create a multitude of horrors for the common folks. The Web is full of sites and stories that inform the curious of the extent of madness, death, rape and misery created by those invading barbarians.

To assist the fight for freedom and to fend of tyrannical rule I donate to a legitimate group that actively urges politicians to defy evil and assist the causes of freedom by ending the ongoing invasion of the once-sovereign USA and to reduce the highest-in-history legal immigration levels. Efforts are also made to only sallow immigrants that will fit into our Western ways of life.

For the curious that organization is Numbers USA. Any of you considering creating a full-function Web site to assist the fight against evil look at the several offering at Numbers USA. Faxes and e-mails can be sent to specific politicians from the site. I regularly send them as a registered member. The messages are pre-written and, at times, there is a choice of headings and/or text bodies. Various salutations are available and often there is an option to not use the pre-written text but send my own message to a Congress person or a president or other higher-ranked politician. At times several million messages are sent regarding one topic. Our input does not always get what we want but it appears to have an effect at times and is far better than doing nothing.

Numbers USA also produces videos and other resources to spread the word about invasion and excess legal immigration. The visa system scams that assist corporations while spitting upon USA citizen workers is also referenced. There are also message boards and other offerings so go through that site and learn how an effective Web site can be used by common folks such as I and many others to fight tyrannical forces intent upon destroying our beloved Western civilization and ways of life. Our unique Western life that is worth fighting for.

My meager means? A working-poor class blue-collar laborer here. But… I send Numbers USA $100 yearly to help cover costs. Surely others send a few bucks in because the site has been up for many years. Please do what you can to fight the tyrants and barbarians intent upon destroying our ways of life and enslaving us. Use every legal means possible to win this war forced upon us.

If every legal means possible is ineffective then a new chapter opens. But let us be peaceful at this stage of the battles.

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