Islamist Terrorist Planned to ‘Ram People With Car, Shoot People’ in Christmas Day Attack


“Four men were arrested three days before the attacks had been planned to take place in several public locations in Melbourne, Australia, on Christmas Day 2016.”

“Abbas was grilled on his views and showed strong support for the Islamic State group. He said Australia should live by Sharia law. “They would have to sign a contract to live with, among Muslims in peace. Whoever does not sign the contract either leaves the country or is executed,” said Abbas.”

Australia better beware. There are hordes of Moslem barbarians in the nearby most-Moslem-infested country of Indonesia. Swarms of jihadists will gladly swoop down and kill the despised infidel Australian males and rape the infidel women and reward the Moslem fighters with their own infidel sex slaves.

Children will be indoctrinated to be either good infidel slaves for life or convert to Islam where they may remain slaves but not treated as cruelly as infidel slaves are treated.

Australia has traitors in their midst as do all Western countries. Maybe toss those traitors onto a remote island where they can do no harm to Western people and our beloved Western ways of life. Or stay on the path you are on, Australia. Submit to your Islam overlords. Maybe that is what you are destined for. The weak perish… and rightfully so.

Islamist Terrorist Planned to ‘Ram People With Car, Shoot People’ in Christmas Day Attack

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