Afghan rape suspect arrested in Austria

Afghan rape suspect arrested in Austria | Daily News Hungary

Give barbarians asylum and is it surprising that they commit these horrid crimes against the civilized sheep infesting Western countries? The warrior spirit has diminished in the West. Too many of our leaders are either assisting barbarian invasion or are too weal to oppose the traitors among us and the invading hordes.

The Western warriors are gathering and spreading the warning and our forces are growing. A day of fearfulness by the traitors and invaders is coming when the battle cries fill our beloved Western lands and the madness is brought to an end.

“According to the police, the 18-year-old suspect sexually assaulted a woman in the toilets of a fast-food restaurant in central Budapest in the early hours of Sunday.

The Afghan was granted asylum in Hungary and has resided in the country since last year.

Earlier, the man was prosecuted for indecency on two counts.”


Hungary and other countries with backbone and the warrior spirit are standing up against the Western traitor filth (horrors be upon them) and the invading barbarian hordes.

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