Future of the West? Issue is in Doubt

USA & Western civilization under attack

Future Proclamation | MEMRI JTTM

People of Western countries. Traitors among us are forcing hordes of barbarians upon our sacred homelands. Their numbers increase constantly and with all the taxpayer-paid hand-outs the vermin can spawn at huge rates, flooding our lands with an exponential increase of new barbarians. A New Dark Age awaits if we do not end this madness. In the future the numbers of barbarians filling our lands can only result in:

“Al-Sahab Media Releases Video Featuring Al-Qaeda Official Hussam ‘Abd Al-Ra’uf Urging Jihadi Groups To Unite, Calls On People To Revolt To Uproot ‘Oppressive Regimes'”

Thus the caliphate commences and we are slaves to our new masters.

Islam has spread akin to cancer for 1,400 years. The filth nearly conquered Europe in the past but warriors stood fast and repelled the hordes. The traitors of today are allowing the horde to win today’s war with no battles…

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