Islamophopia and NAIT

USA & Western civilization under attack

“…these bigots and fear mongers seek to undermine the American Muslim community by unfairly targeting Muslim institutions such as NAIT and other Americans for merely being Muslim. But NAIT will not be deterred and will continue to forge ahead and serve the Muslim community as trustee for mosques, Islamic centers, and schools.”

An Infidel interprets the above as a declaration that Islam will continue as it has for over one-thousand years and FORCE itself upon non-Islamic people, cultures, societies and countries until Islam succeeds in taking control of even more territory. Defy the invasion. Defy the attempts at supremacy and you are “bigots and fear mongers.”

The enemy makes itself visible yet does not fear the Infidel. Nature backs the strong as it defeats the weak. Is the West doomed for destruction and rightfully so? Are the Infidel traitors supporting the invaders to be allowed to continue assisting the conquest…

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