University cuts off controversial Islamic college


“Dr al-Qaradawi is the spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood and is banned from entering the United States. His visit to Britain last year as a guest of the Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, drew widespread criticism.”

University cuts off controversial Islamic college | Education | The Guardian

Hey, Britain… how’s that Moslem mayor doing for you? Advancing the Islamic takeover of Britain? Will Britain, Sweden or Germany be the first Islamic caliphate in Europe? Hungary has the guts to stand up to the horde of invading barbarians. What happened to you folks? Why are you allowing traitors among your own people to assist the invading horde? Why don’t you rise up and start the war required to oust the barbarians and prevent more of the filth from invading? Get your traitors in penal camps where they can spend the rest of their life at hard labor. A deserved fate for trying to destroy our beloved Western civilization.

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