More People Died in Hurricane Maria than on 911: Where is the Outrage? – The Muslim Times


More People Died in Hurricane Maria than on 911: Where is the Outrage? – The Muslim Times

Propaganda from the scum that want to force the world to submit to their evil cult. From killing masses of innocent people to beheading one “infidel” at a time Islam has proven for over one-thousand years that any and every method of spreading their evil is to be used.

Here the heathen horde equates a natural disaster… a storm… an act of nature beyond human control with the evil Islamic deed of flying jet aircraft into occupied buildings. The death toll would have been higher except that those heroic Western warriors of Flight 93 fought back and brought that craft down to Earth before it reached its target.

Along with being evil and caring only about spreading their horrid evil cult across the planet many of those brainwashed buffoons are incredibly stupid. As revealed with the foul freaks comparing Islamic-backed murder with a storm. However… even among an ignorant group there are a few with common sense and brain power so stay alert. There is no knowing when the next violent Moslem outbreak will occur. A stabbing here and there. A truck driven down a crowded city sidewalk killing and maiming dozens of the infidels Mohamed’s children hate with a deranged passion. Bombings across the planet and every method an evil brainwashed bunch can contrive to advance their barbarism.

The filthy scum in our midst will attack without warning. A Web search reveals a huge list of Islamic atrocities across the planet. One that comes to mind is a filthy Moslem US Army officer who attacked unarmed troops in Fort Hood, Texas. That “brave” jihadist warrior of Mohamed murdered 13 what he considered infidels and injured 32 more.

And the traitors within the West continue to allow Moslem filth to enter our beloved Western lands. How long can this insanity go on? Some of the Western traitors control massive amounts of wealth and control corporations that bombard us with propaganda. Broadcast and print media along with entertainment industries convey content intended to make the Western masses accepting of the horde of barbarian invaders being forced upon us. Government traitors and lackeys of their elite-class overlords both assist either actively or ignoring the travesties being forced upon our Western lands and peoples.

The conquest of the West continues but the Western people’s outrage is growing. Our anger must keep increasing. We are fighting for survival!!! Powerful forces with barbarians used as their sword continue their conquest and will not stop until all Western lands are in their total control or the people of the West batter down those tyrants and eject the barbarian hordes.






Traitors of the West use every method they have to indoctrinate the masses to be accepting of the barbarian horde. Those traitors have been labeled by some patriots as Globalists, New World Order promoters and the open-border mob. Some of these worse-than-Moslem traitors control vast wealth and corporate systems that are used to brainwash the people of the West. The sheep among us incapable of free-thought support that which is intended to destroy them!!! Beware the Western traitors. Prepare to battle the fiends and their barbarian armies unto the free people of the West have eliminated this dreadful threat!!!

Or do nothing and allow the barbarians to continue murdering our children.


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