UK: Refused service by supermarket, fired from job for wearing Make Britain Great Again Hat

Western people… tyranny is rampant. Stand strong against tyrants and their lackeys and the barbarian filth they are importing to divide us. Assemble, gather, show strength in numbers. Select very wise leaders. Outsmart our enemies. Beware of their immense power but do no bow down to tyranny as slaves do. Better to die fighting as a free person than live as a slave. Reach out to military and law enforcement and muster them to our side. They do not have to actively assist our noble cause… all they have to do is refuse to obey the anti-Western traitorous orders of the elite-class tyrannical lackeys above them.


This applies to every Western country. Reach out to the troops and counter the propaganda the tyrants fill their heads with constantly. Let our Western warriors know who the real enemies are.

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