Sweden: Black-clad arsonists torch election kiosk of party that opposes mass Muslim migration

Sweden: Black-clad arsonists torch election kiosk of party that opposes mass Muslim migration






Traitor Western politicians obey their elite-class master’s orders to assist the invading barbarians. Divide and conquer is a time-tested war fighting strategy. We, the people of all Western countries are under assault by fiends in high socioeconomic positions who want the West to be their fiefdom and for the masses of commoners to be their obedient serfs/slaves. Our foe is the invading barbarians, the tyrannical elites whose immense wealth and control over corporate systems and governmental systems and below those demons are the brainwashed lap-dog lackey commoner Western folks. Those deluded commoners are actively assisting their current masters who, if successful, will only clamp down the binds of the slave chains awaiting all Western people.

Slave chains are not always made of steel. Mental slave chains are just as effective. With elite-class ownership of media, entertainment industries and through government influence educational systems indoctrination too many people of the West are turning against their own self-interest.

The threat is real and increasing. Hooray to Hungary and other countries defying the tyrants and invading barbarians. All Western countries must follow the same path. Failure to do so could result in a New Dark Age enveloping all the West.

Better to die in battle a free man than kneel as a slave.






All Western countries are in peril. Prepare for war you modern-day warriors only needing quality leadership to guide us with intelligence and abound with logical and rational thinking abilities. Where are those much-needed leaders to guide the masses in this war threatening our beloved Western ways of life?









Our enemies possess immense wealth and power. Very effective weapons for winning modern-day wars. A reminder to skeptics and lackeys of their corporate and elite-class masters… not all corporations are engaged with converting Western countries into fiefdoms for an elite ruling class overlordship.





















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