Asylum seeker who raped student in Hull is jailed for 16 years

Asylum seeker who raped student in Hull is jailed for 16 years | Daily Mail Online

“A Sudanese asylum seeker who raped a student and then tried to rape a mother in the same cemetery has been jailed for 16 years after admitting the crimes saying: ‘Guilty. Yes – why not?’.”

Importing barbarians. Importing cultures that are not compatible with the Western country the barbarians infest/infect. Is this barbarian also a Moslem scum who can use the excuse that infidel women must submit to his will as all people on the planet must submit to Allah as dictated by Islam. Well, whatever mullah is the loudest and has the most firepower backing him… THAT is “Allah’s will.”

Think about that. A cult hiding behind a thin veil of religion run by warlords. Hordes of heathens led by warlords descending upon the world, conquering all that they invade. And invading the West is what they are doing.

China is increasingly active in Africa working with the natives of that continent where Islam is making steady advances in the typical manner; kill, maim, rape… instill fear until submission. The Chinese have not been indoctrinated with Western-style White guilt as our tyrannical elites have done to us. Will those Chinese merely let the lead fly and the napalm roar and kill every Moslem scum trying to interfere with Chines wants and desires in Africa? That would be great!!! Or… maybe not. Repel the slithering Moslem scum in Africa and the feral filth will be able to devote even more effort to conquering the traitor-infested Western countries.

Damn. If the Moslem filth conquer the West then freedom-loving folks unwilling to submit to that perverted cult may have to seek refuge in China or Chinese-controlled territory. Maybe Westerners will become mercenaries for the Chinese and meet the Islamic barbarian horde on the battlefield. Who knows. Anything is possible. Human history is full of constant conquest.



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