Victims of Illegal Aliens Memorial

Victims of Illegal Aliens Memorial

This online memorial is a very tiny portion of the multitude of horrors committed by illegal alien barbarian invaders. It is hard to amass the entirety of the barbarian scourge due to the elite-owned media too often failing to mention in crime news stories that the suspect or perpetrator is an illegal alien. Some of the elites appear to want the illegals in our midst.


One of several ways to divide and conquer a populace. In the USA notice the many news reports  covering the politicians, bureaucrats and citizens shouting their support for the illegal aliens. Much less covered are the actions by individuals and groups who harbor the invaders. Some traitor politicians even make their domain a “sanctuary city” where the invaders are allowed to run free and no assistance is given to federal authorities to capture and remove the invaders. A percentage of the invaders murder, rape, molest and perform every other crime that can be done.

Traitors exist in every Western country. Elite-owned media engulfs us with propaganda urging us to support the invaders or to just ignore them. I refer to this as a ply using divide-and-conquer to make it easier for tyrannical overlords to rule the masses of common folks. With a citizenry busy bickering among themselves and with anger aimed at other commoners there is no joining together to battle the tyranny lording over all.

The topics I write of are extremely complex. Every Western country has its unique properties and problems but all of us of the West are under siege by tyrannical forces and the barbarians used to overwhelm the people of the West. All of us are under attack from within and from outside invading barbarians. A war for Western survival is underway. We must not lose this war.

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