A site for the discussion of issues affecting western societies A site for the discussion of issues affecting western societies

“This website was conceived as a discussion resource for people of European ancestry concerned by the many problems in the lived life, culture, and future of the European race.

We explore various issues related to the preservation of Western culture and the ethnic genetic interests (EGI) of people of European ancestry. This site does not argue that the EGI and cultural concerns of non-European people are less important than those of people of European ancestry.”

Banned by Pinterest. I wonder what other corporate-interest sites ban MajorityRights because it does not meet the tyrannical elites’ agendas that typically harm We, the People of the USA? Sadly, Western civilization across the world is under attack by the Globalist cabal and the crazed open-birder fanatics and various organizations and associations with some well-funded by various wealthy tyrannical elites. The forces arrayed against the people of Western civilization are formidable. We must muster our forces to defeat tyranny and prevent a New Dark Age from enveloping our beloved Western lands.

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