The Three Foundations of Anti-Globalism

The Three Foundations of Anti-Globalism – Oath Keepers

“Nationalism is the pride of being part of a sovereign nation. “This is my country”, or “This is my homeland”, are phrases of nationalists. Implicit in these statements is the belief in the borders of a specific region. A country is not a country if it has no borders. National sovereignty, the idea that my country rules within its borders, has been around for hundreds of years.

Populism, at least in the recent understanding, is simply the belief that a government must promote the economic well-being of its citizens.

Traditionalism embraces the uniqueness of a national culture. Every nation is different, with different traditions. Traditionalism cherishes and celebrates those differences. Those traditions may include music, art, language, a common history, religions and an economy that might be different from other nations.”

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