NCCM – National Council of Canadian Muslims

NCCM – National Council of Canadian Muslims

The enemy of the West has vast wealth backing them to assist their fight against the freedom-loving people of the West. The traitors among us assisting those evil barbarians are also often endowed with vast amounts of wealth. Traitor tyrants can buy armies of lackeys to assist their efforts with the destruction of our beloved Western ways of life.

The enemy’s wealth allows them to own media and entertainment-based corporations that are extremely effective methods of spreading propaganda. That propaganda bombards us in an attempt to make us receptive of our own enslavement by tyrants who are using invading barbarians to divide and conquer the people of the West.

It is more than Moslems that are barbarians among us. So-called refugees from anywhere are also used. In the USA the millions of invaders across our southern border are used to divide and conquer. At least our invaders are mostly Western themselves though there are Moslems slithering in across our border to do who knows what evils.

The USA has the disgusting CAIR to advance the Islamic agenda of world domination. Every country has at least one organization of EVIL that is an avowed enemy of our beloved Western life. Perhaps open to debate but in my opinion an internal USA organization that is a traitor to our Western life is the SPLC. Imagine an organization swarming with wealth from rich elites, associations and organizations with wealth and corporate entities with more wealth than some countries claiming that individuals and groups who desire secure borders as being what the SPLC labels a “hate group.”

The SPLC has a current campaign titled “Southeast Immigrant Freedom Initiative.” A follower of the effects of the ongoing invasion across the USA southern border knows about millions of invaders crossing  with too many of them murdering, raping, molesting children and many other crimes and using stolen/fake ID to steal billions of dollars of USA taxpayer wealth. When caught committing horrible crime the taxpayer spends billions of dollars sending the invading fiends to trial then to prison if found guilty. A Web search will reveal the huge economic cost of illegal alien invaders and the huge personal cost as the illegals leave a trail of misery behind them. Of course, the elite-owned media most often tells us of the few illegals who remained uncaught and used free schooling and taxpayer-paid handouts (media omits the stolen social support intended for citizens) and then graduated college and “…isn’t that wonderful!!!” the media propaganda spews. The few exceptions do not make up for the thousands of bodies and tens-of-thousands of sexually ravaged women and children and the many other negatives caused by invaders of the once-sovereign USA. The SPLC label all those crossing the border as an immigrant.

Europe has its internal traitors assisting with the West’s downfall. What must we do to end this madness? Submit? Fight back? Fight back in what way? The indoctrination power of the traitor elites and their lackeys via the corporations and politicians they own is a barrier far more formidable than China’s Great Wall. In the USA I fear that the only way to possibly save our Founder’s Great Experiment is with a successful military coup that uses extreme methods to right the wrongs and curb the traitors and place restrictions on all-powerful corporations and oust the evil that wants to subdue the West and toss the invaders back to where they belong and seal the damn borders!!!

Is there another way to save the USA? “Vote,” the propaganda declares…

voting insanity

President Trump receives constant abuse by the elite-owned media. He differs from prior presidents. He can not be bought in the manner they were… in the time-tested legal manner of having in-office presidents know that proper behavior and action in office will result in huge rewards for the ex-president and entire family after leaving office. A Web search about the subject reveals the many ways that corporations, organizations and associations representing elites and wealthy tyrants themselves funnel vast wealth to those who serve their monetary masters. And the elite-owned media does not cover this ongoing scam that spits upon the masses of common folks. Government operated K-12 schooling also fails to cover this fact. K-12 schooling. One of many methods to indoctrinate the masses to obey the elite power structure. Now colleges/universities are in on the scam using political correctness to create submissive sheep bleating their delight with their elite Globalist NWO masters. NWO… no proof it is a reality that I can offer but trending events are such that it surely is a possibility though NWO may not be purposefully done in a planned way but may merely be the culmination of the greedy self-centered desires of a minute percentage of the world’s populace who control the majority of the planet’s economic wealth.

The threats facing the West and the people within are enormous and varied. And complicated. This is no simple, basic war such as stopping Napoleons’ army from stomping through the vineyards and towns. Our threat is multi-faceted and backed with immense wealth and government is involved and so many other things that I wish better minds than mine can explain affairs. Maybe the complexity of the threat is such that it is unexplainable!!!

There are links in my blog to sites that share information and offer opinions and other useful things. They can help nullify the indoctrination/brainwashing by the elite’s propaganda outlets. Use every tool to assist with nullifying tyrannical propaganda.

A major factor in fighting tyranny is the blase’ attitude of some and the general indifference of others who are happy as long as there is food and entertainment in their life. Lack of empathy for others helps keep the indifferent uncaring of the threats against the West. The uncaring buffoons will surely become rabid anti-tyrants and anti-invaders and anti-jihad when they or a loved one(s) are the victims.

A percentage of the populace are bleating sheep. Indoctrinated. Brainwashed in a way. Servants of their tyrannical overlords, often via the lackeys placed above the populace. Politicians, entertainment figures. Spokes-people for various groups assisting the destruction of our beloved Western ways of life.


The entertainment and media industries are entwined. The corporate system allows the few tyrant owners to control the most effective mass propaganda systems ever created.





An effective ploy of the elite-owned media is the simple failure to report on events that place their agendas in a bad light. Accentuate the positive and ignore the negative. The positive with the media is often a negative to the people of the West. The tyrant’s agendas are destroying us. Yet their media tries to convince us that all is well and that the masses should embrace our tyrannical overlords and all that they proclaim deserves our loyalties.























TV indoctrination

People of the West. We are in severe danger. The longer the barbarian invasions continue and the traitor tyrants among us exert their immense power fueled by their immense wealth the danger to our ways of Western life remain. We must muster our forces to defy the evil spreading across our beloved lands. Please offer a comment if you have any ideas to defy tyranny. Let others read your thoughts. Working together perhaps a plan can be formulated to save our Western ways of life.


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