Waiter admits writing ‘we don’t tip terrorist’ on receipt after diner is falsely accused, banned

A Texas waiter who claimed a patron left a racist note calling him a ‘terrorist’ instead of a tip has admitted he made the whole story up.

Waiter admits writing ‘we don’t tip terrorist’ on receipt after diner is falsely accused, banned – AOL News

A frequent occurrence. A Web search reveals how common lies of this type are. For awhile the fad was to create your own noose, place it prominently then inform all including the media that racism is alive and well. That female Black college professor caught doing this was one of many events.


One Black college student was caught sending racist e-mails to herself. The FBI caught her. Evil strikes when Sharpton backs Twana accusing several White males with abducting then brutally raping her. Those innocent males faced life sentences if convicted but the truth eventually emerged. Imagine the horror those guys went through until that fiend admitted her lie. Remember the horrors of the Duke University lacrosse team as most of a college, including professors, marched and shouted while waving signs demanding justice for the Black dancer who later admitted her rape accusation was a lie. Sharpton, again, supported the lying evil demon. A commonality among all those freaks is that they very likely were Hillary supporters, despise Trump and all White people and likely are avowed Democrats.

And the War Against Whites continues with firm backing by the elite-owned media and too many PC politicians.

EUROPE:  Whatever the motive that lying scum had in mind the tactic used can be for personal profit or to support one’s cause. The War Against Whites is convoluted and complicated. The invading Moslem barbarians are tools used by tyrannical elite Globalists seeking a weird New World Order that places those elites in firm control of us masses of common folks.

Assuredly the barbarians are unaware they are tools used by evil tyrannical elites. The Moslem invasion is merely those cretins following their implanted doctrine of world-wide conquest for Allah and the creator of the religious scam that is Mohamed.

Those Moslems will use any method to defeat the infidels and take control of Europe and the rest of the planet. Hopefully, if the Moslem horde does envelope Europe ( I would rather die in battle fighting that pestilence than live as a slave below that filth) the tyrannical elites are murdered alongside masses of European common folks.

Any person or group with an agenda will use lies that the elite-owned media is quick to publicize… especially if the event assists the elite’s own agendas. Anything that is anti-White is pounced upon by USA elites intend upon maximizing their ploy of using a divide-and-conquer strategy. Use diversity and multiculturalism until the common folks of the USA consists of people, cultures, religions, customs, mores, beliefs etc. and We, the People are too busy bickering and competing among ourselves to present a united front to confront the evil tyrannical forces and their lackey lap-dogs lording over us.

The War Against Whites is best labeled as a War Against Western Culture. There are plenty of non-Whites within the USA that have adopted the Western lifestyle and methods of governance and other aspects of Western life that propelled parts of humanity from a tribal hunter-gatherer stage to exploring the cosmos and advancing science in so many ways. It was only recently when a tiny scratch could be a death sentence due to bacterial infection. Now, for many of us, a tiny dab of ointment prevents death by infection.

The West has its inherent problems but if they are that bad why do mega-millions of the worlds too-fast-growing population try to invade us? The tyrannical elites encouraging and assisting the invasion is a severe danger we must confront along with the invasion itself. Bring the West down to the level of the backwards barbarians of 3rd-world countries does not help us of the West in any way… except for the tyrannical overlords who then have an easily-controlled populace to use as they desire.

If the tyrants win the war their immense wealth… even more than they have now… allows them to hire lackeys to bear the arms that compel the masses to obey or die. Our current elites will become warlords ruling an entire planet. That is a worst-case-scenario but modern technology has, for the first time in history, made this scenario a plausible possibility.

I end this essay here. The complexity of the topics involved is immense. I urge all Western folks and those supporting us to interact with others. Here in the USA I hope for a cohort of New Founders of the quality of the originals to arise and lead We, the People in the battle against the tyrannical forces spitting upon us and allowing foreign barbarians to enter and dilute our beloved Western ways of life.


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