News Report on German bus attack


News Report on German bus attack. Other outlets mention the attacker was the usual suspect. This time an Iranian that should never have been allowed to enter Europe. The barbarian invasion continues.Traitors in the midst of all Western countries are assist with Islamic invasion. We ARE in a state of war.


The elites lording over We, the People of the USA and all Western countries own and control corporations that, in turn, control the many systems that operate our lives. All the media, the entertainment industry and via governmental influence the education of youth and the indoctrination centers also known as colleges and universities. Immensely wealthy elite-class tyrants, corporate entities and their lackeys who willingly or unwittingly (it’s just my job) assist the tyrannical forces with controlling the masses of Western people via the systems guiding our countries.

The complexity of modern life combined with technological advances have paved the way for the few to become our overlords. Immense importance is in the indoctrination area. Broadcast, Web and printed media convey a lot of propaganda/indoctrination. Observe the Hollywood TV and movie output. Listen to the music aimed at youth. Not all that output is intended to indoctrinate BUT… enough is that I expect that you, too, will detect the messages intended to have you agreeing with the tyrannical elites’ agendas.

The TV and other outlets news is a major source of propaganda. Also, NOT conveying news to keep the masses in the dark about anything that harms elite agendas is common.

The topic I write about is extremely complicated. In the USA there is an ongoing class war that sends the majority of the national wealth into a small percentage of the populace. This wealth empowers those elites and the tyrants among them then exert their will upon We, the People in negative ways.

COMPLICATED!!! Thus the majority of lazy humans of all countries remain complacent sheep bleating their delight with what their masters allow to have. Food stamps (EBT) exist in part to keep the rabble calm. Hungry slaves will revolt. Keep the masses fed and entertained and the chances of revolt drop. Flood the masses with propaganda. Train the sheep to accept their master’s control. Some sheep even fight to protect their masters.

German elites and their traitor politician lackeys AND too many well-indoctrinated German common folks are being subjected to the divide-and-conquer method of gaining total control of a populace. A country swarming with diversity and multiculturalism can not unite to fight the tyrants lording over them. I fear that divide-and-conquer is being used against the people of the USA. Prepare for revolt/war, patriots. If events continue as they have the Founders’ writings told us what needs to be done to defeat tyranny.








Beware CAIR. Evil is running amok throughout the USA. How many good Western people will die at the hands of these invading barbarians? When will the sadly tyrannically control USA federal government declare ware against these barbarians. Maybe it will require Revolutionary War Two to remove the traitors and for the USA as a whole to repel the barbarian invaders who, in the past were invited in by traitor politicians and various organizations and others typically at taxpayer expense!!!







One of several reasons why the federal government stopped the military draft and started the all-volunteer military. In a way… the volunteer military are hired mercenaries. The troops are well-indoctrinated in a way to make them as subservient to their military masters as possible. In turn, the military master obey their masters and onward up the hierarchy. It is important to do what the military command and too many bureaucrats above them; remind the troops that they ultimately serve the Constitution and We, the People. When the masses revolt for the proper reasons the troops should join our ranks or, at the least, refuse tyrannical orders to murder masses of patriotic USA people.
































A flyer placed on automobile windshields across the Los Angeles area. The elite-owned media never shows the rabid anti-White (Gringo) sentiments of many Chicanos/Latinos/Hispanics inside the USA. Do a Web search about this topic to see what the elites hide from us. Of course, the tyrants are using a divide-and-conquer strategy in all Western countries. The barbarians from the south of the USA are invading by the MILLIONS (estimated 12-20 million illegal alien invaders inside the USA). What the elite-owned anti-USA anti-freedom media shows relentlessly are a few crying children being cared for as authorities try to determine of the youth are being smuggled in to be sold as slave labor (yes… look within the Web) or to be used by sexual perverts (yes, true. No media mention of this).  Notice the crowds of indoctrinated sheep bleating their pain about how the youth are treated by the folks responsible for stopping invasion and drug entry along with keeping terrorists out AND to stop thew beasts smuggling in youth for horrible reasons. The elites’ PURE EVIL of wanting a divided populace in the USA has their propaganda machines lambasting how ICE (border patrol) is trying to stop child rape and slave labor. Evil elites must answer for their evil deeds.





This traitor gladly accepts his taxpayer provided wage and benefits and his pension will likely far exceed what the typical Gringo he hates receives.



Hillary Mexican Flag

If that wanton wench won the election I wonder if she would have shit upon the USA as that Merkel horror has done to Germany or the traitors infesting Britain’s government. People of the West. Prepare for a war of cultural and national survival.




Along with the traitors allowing or assisting the barbarians.






No insurance no driver's licence no problem








End all government hand-outs and force USA business to hire only USA citizens. Some of the invaders would leave the USA. If the hand-outs ever stop I expect the invaders would resort to criminal activity to get what they need and want. USA prisons hold a large percentage of illegal alien invader criminals. They are there for murder, rape, child molestation and many other crimes.




Well, parts of the government and some of its actions and inactions. Traitors have infested politics. That vile Maxine Waters id one example of evil infesting USA politics. She represents a class of folks who tend to be low IQ and very easily indoctrinated to behave as their masters desire. Look into that Waters scum and the low-class idiots supporting her. A weeding-out is needed within the USA.

















The USA warrior class needs to be well-prepared to battle tyranny. Use every peaceful method possible to defeat tyranny and the evils they have forced upon us. Force is a last resort!!! If all fails. If there is absolutely no alternative, refer to the Founder’s writings. Then organize and place the highest quality patriots in charge of the massed groups of patriots ready to battle tyranny.

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