Student attacked in dormitory by evil Moslem barbarian

Vile Moslem filth infesting Canada seeks to kill the infidel the beast hates

Almestadi’s trial heard he knocked on the 19-year-old’s door, slit her throat and started choking her before other students pulled him off.

A court found the teen not criminally responsible because he was suffering from a psychotic episode in which he believed the Qur’an had sent him a message to kill Hare.

Western traitors allowing Western enemies who have proven themselves to be evil barbarian murderers and rapists to enter our home lands and then… when the Moslem filth try to murder us give the enemies of the West a free pass!!! What message does this send to the BILLION-PLUS Moslems across the world?

The traitors among us are assisting our enemies. What can we do, must do, to save our beloved Western ways of life?

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