Question About Rabid Evil Islam

At a message board a few miles away I read:

“Why are so many Americans ignoring &/or refusing to understand the threat?”

That question lays within a thread discussing the growing presence and threats posed by Islam invading the USA. Other folks provided worthy answers and I added my own twist that included information and a reality I detect that others did not mention. Here is that reply:

“Partially because of elite-owned media indoctrinating the masses so as to have We, the People accept the elite’s agendas… amassing evermore wealth and power. This is partially done by dividing and conquering the American people. Look at the many squabbling competing groups exist within the USA. No way can we unite and fight the tyrants lording over us.

Then the political correctness trend and its general hard-to-define but obvious “White bashing” that includes demeaning the USA past and present!!! Evil USA!!! Evil Whites!!! White Supremacy lording over all and many other words and terms to encourage a scam known as diversity and multiculturalism. That will make the USA akin to Iraq with its internal woes of infighting between sects, tribes, ethnicities and other difference among people. It will be easy to conquer the USA when the elite overlord power structure has a citizenry beneath it akin to that in Iraq or other places where constant strife exists. This is very complicated stuff requiring far more room than available here. Educate yourselves, folks. And spread the word. Tyranny has risen. The Founder’s writings warned us. What will be the solution? The Founders wrote of one method. Peaceful methods are always best!!! But, if there is no other way……….”

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