Rise and Resist

One aspect of the war against Western civilization. New World Order buffoons use the word “White” in various ways to make the people of the West appear in a bad light. Evil is loose in all Western countries.

Consider this:



I am not in New York City where the Rise and Resist cabal infests the area. It appears that the R&R mob backs the graphic and others may also be behind what the graphic represents. For an idea of the mind-set of those folks consider the term “chinga la migra.” Translated to “fuck the border patrol.” Real high-class bums, huh? There are murderers and rapists and child molesters slithering across the border. So the riff-raff of R&R want the USA swarming with filth and scum? Perhaps a prison should be used to house the illegal alien barbarians and then the patriots can toss the R&R cohort in there with them. Maybe R&R can convert those deviant criminals into honest law-abiding productive citizens!!! Hooray!!! Rational, logical folks will expect the R&R idiots to be mere play-toys for their barbarian masters, however.

No prisons. Huh? That is so illogical I do not feel any need to mention that craziness any further. No borders. ????? What would happen to the USA, the ecosphere, everything if hundreds-of-millions or more of locust-like humans swarmed into the USA? That stuff is what horror and science-fiction books and movies are made of.

I wonder if there are one or more wealthy tyrannical elites financially backing this R&R cult. The anarchist New World Order Globalist idiots would likely never survive in the world they advocate. The barbarians they want to enter would use and abuse them and, if they are lucky, merely enslave them. If unlucky those R&R freaks will be used akin to a cat toying with a caught mouse. Use your imagination. Read some real-life crime stories where atrocities and torture occur. That could easily be R&R’s fate as the foreign horde overwhelms them.

White Supremacist State

That term is subjectively defined and basically meaningless. Define it yourself. After doing that apply it to the cretins infesting the Rise and Resist cult. When the elite-owned mass media is spewing its propaganda consider what you saw in this post then ponder the crap the news is vomiting forth. Support for illegal alien invaders is common. Putting ICE and border control in a bad light is the norm. Maybe not in an extreme overt manner but, in general, I view at least part of the elite-owned media output as condoning the crap that R&R is backing.

Know your enemies!!!

Rise and Resist Organization



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