“Bring the War Home”: A Timely Investigation of the White Power Movement

“Bring the War Home”: A Timely Investigation of the White Power Movement

Another article telling lies about the patriots of Oath Keepers. Beware the New World order. It wants to enslave you.

Leftist NWO propaganda spewers want the USA to dissolve its borders. USA patriots are feared and despised.


Is this a Soros-funded anti-USA anti-West Web site that places far more emphasis upon “international law” than what laws the USA people create for themselves? Truthout may be an excellent example of a site dedicated to destroying individual countries and installing a New World Order NWO. It is obvious that White Western peoples, cultures, societies and countries are the targets.

I do not see the Islamic world, Africa, South America and Asia being attacked in the manner the Western world is being brutally attacked. The evil tyrants have made huge strides towards victory in Sweden, Germany and Britain. Hungary and Italy are taking big steps to fight back against the evils confronting the Western world.

A WAR IS UNDERWAY!!! A war for cultural, societal and national survival. If the people of the West lose the war a New Dark Age will enslave the masses with a tiny minority of evil tyrannical overlords with hired mercenaries ready to chain or kill us if we displease the masters in any way.

Barbarians from across the planet are being used as a weapon against the West, There are many sites across the Web trying to warn us of the evils facing us. From the filth slithering across borders to rape and murder and steal and kill the hated infidels to savages from 3rd-world countries that only want what you possess with no concept of law or being a benefit to society.

Also mentioned are traitors among us, our own Western people that are either mentally ill or want to be a part of the new ruling elites. Those vile traitors have many lackeys below them assisting the traitors thus becoming traitors themselves. These lackeys may be of the growing cohort indoctrinated by the propaganda flooding all Western countries. Sadly, much of the corporate world wants to enslave the masses of common folks via that evil New World Order scam.

The extreme complexity of human life in our modern age eases the efforts of evil tyrants and corporate entities whose immense wealth thus power and control of many systems such as governance, education, media, entertainment industries, etc. gives evil immense influence over the hearts and minds of the masses. Defy tyranny. Evil is spitting upon us constantly.


I may be wrong. My interpretation of what I saw at Truthout may be warm-fuzzy feel-good heart-warming all-is-groovy stuff unworthy of condemnation. Go look and decide for yourself. Until my opinion changes I shall keep Truthout bookmarked and use it as a window into the enemy of the West’s activities.

Here is the story that created doubts in my mind. I am an Oath Keepers member and know that the organization exists only to do good and would never enslave folks as the NWO and the evil tyrants want to do.


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