Tom Kawczynski – Maine Town Manager Fired For Political Views

Tyrants and traitors are forcing barbarians from foreign lands upon the USA and all Western countries. The alien hordes possess cultures not compatible with our Western ways of life. Fight the evil hordes; the foreign filth forced upon us at our cost and the traitors inside our own countries. Western people, cultures, societies and countries have a right to self-existence.

Note that China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and many other countries are not expected to dilute themselves with alien foreign invading outside barbarians. It is the West that is targeted with the barbarian armies. What choice do we have but to resort to military action to oust the barbarians already spitting upon us in our own countries, prevent more barbarians from entering and arresting the traitors in our midst and place them in front of military tribunals for judgment. Please, no hanging if guilty. Hard labor under military control is a good punishment. Make the traitors sweat and finally perform useful functions.

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