Defend Europa – Europe, News, Migrants, Population Replacement

Defend Europa – Europe, News, Migrants, Population Replacement


Defend Europa is a Euro-centric news and opinion website, dedicated to bringing you uncensored news and discussion on all things European. Defend Europe!

Defending Europe from a barbarian invasion. Traitors within the West are allowing and some even assisting the barbarian invasion. The masses of common folks within all Western countries are in severe danger. Our wonderful cultures, societies and countries are worth defending. Band together, people of the West, and oust those vile traitors and secure the borders. END THE ONGOING INVASION!!! Then weed out the invaders already here. Illegals are deported immediately. Legal immigrants will be weeded out with the terrorists and West-haters removed from our sacred lands immediately. All future attacks against the West will be dealt with a finality that will show the world that the people of the West have not lost our warrior spirit.


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