Warning & Advice to all Western Patriots

The complexity of life within the USA assists those who lust for evermore wealth and power.

A multitude of threats faces We, the People. Sadly, the USA is now a House Divided with many bickering, quarreling groups competing for ascendancy.


One area of discord I concentrate upon is the scam of multiculturalism and diversity. The result of having these evils foisted upon us is a state of divide-and-conquer. The masses are growling at each other while the embedded power structure lording over us amasses wealth and power. Several educated folks that performed studies and research showed us the evils and many negatives of diversity & multiculturalism. The elite-owned media and the army of lackeys bowing down to the elites and their systems shouted down those learned folks and suppressed their stories.

Note the La Raza movement contributing to the dividing of the USA populace and how Islamic outposts such as Dearborn, Michigan are proving that the assimilation of the past is not happening in the new-improved diverse USA.

Another “movement” encouraged by the overlords via the mass media other entities such as the entertainment industries, Hollywood movie and TV output and other venues is “empowering” females. The demand is for more and more rights and privileges but have you EVER heard a peep about equal responsibilities?

There is a huge change going on within the USA. My prediction of the future is an eventual feudal-type society with immensely powerful overlords with no constraints upon them other than their own morality with an army of well-paid lackeys to control the huge mass of commoners. Commoners at odds with each other and unable to unite to fight tyranny.

These topics are extremely complex with that complexity assisting the tyrannical traitorous overlords with binding us in mental slave chains. Those chains are placed upon the oh-so many weak-minded and mentally lazy common folks via relentless propaganda and indoctrination bombarding us from birth to death. Whoever controls the media entertainment industries wields vast power over how society operates. Schooling also adds to the indoctrination power of the tyrants. Educational lackeys are training youth to embrace diversity and multiculturalism even though those entities are harming all Western counties/societies.

Several lengthy books are needed to cover just a small amount of these many goings-on within the USA. Who and what is transforming the West. Why are the world’s barbarians being dumped upon Western countries? Why are so many non-Western countries immune from barbarian attack? That Soros tyrant and those serving/supporting him… why hasn’t he been brought to trial for crimes against the Western people.

I want to make this clear… I often read of Jew this and Jew that. Yes, there are Jews among the tyrants but there are tyrants from EVERY background. If any group is to be pointed at I suggest that patriots look for the tyrants among the highest socioeconomic levels. Evil lurks within SOME of those wielding vast wealth that buys vast power and influence that allows control of the events that are alerting the minority of patriots within the USA and other Western countries.

Stay alert, patriots. To fight back observe the tactics being used by those spitting upon We, the People. Tyrants hire the professional to operate the command/control systems used to indoctrinate the masses… to make us think and behave as those tyrants desire… such as embracing the diversity and multiculturalism that will eventually destroy the freedom so bravely fought for by our ancestors. Do not use the tactics that allow the enemy to place patriots in a bad light. Evil propaganda sources such as the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) latch upon every misdeed and use them in cahoots with the mass media to make patriots look bad to the masses. I am not including the minute percentage of actual “hate” groups that self-serving tyrant-serving batch of hooligans toss out along with the many groups that simply oppose tyranny.

At present we are in a war of words for the hearts and minds of the masses. Use our enemy’s methods as much as possible. They are very effective. We lack the overlords’ wealth and political power but we are MANY and we are PATRIOTS and the cause of righteousness is on our side. I know that if they were to appear here today the Founders would notice us and gather in our midst to guide our sincere efforts to save their creation… the United States of America.

To conclude this essay I declare….

Barring any drastic changes towards the positive in the future I fear that the only way to save the USA from those tyrants and to alter the systems they have perverted to their own evil use is via a successful military coup by patriotic military officers backed by the many patriotic enlisted folks below them. A bloodless coup is possible and highly desired. The ensuing military “dictatorship” will be based upon the Constitution with operational alterations required to repair what evil money and power-hungry tyrants have created pr altered where already existing to serve the few at the cost of the many.

Once the changes are made and the USA is “up and running” again those military patriots will switch to civilian control of the USA. Some fear that once the military takes control the situation will be permanent. I wonder if the masses of enlisted with armaments in hand would allow the few officers and those they appoint to make the needed changes stay in power? And the millions of citizen civilians with rifle in hand to back or brothers and sisters in uniform.

So very complicated. Hopefully the good guys and gals will win this ongoing battle within the USA and all Western countries.

Scott Kelley
copyright 2018

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